I was first enticed to pick up a camera through my love of skateboarding at an early age.  I was instantly captivated by adding an additional form of artistic expression to an already creative activity.  Leading lines, framing, and the manipulation of light became my new tricks to master.

   My hobby as a skateboarding photographer rapidly progressed into a deep curiosity to explore this new visual medium in all contexts.  Over the past 8 years I've honed my eye as a steadicam guru and cinematic camera operator for music videos, feature films, and much more but I also find pleasure in shooting 35mm film, developing and printing my film in academic and public darkrooms.

   Because I've developed my creative eye within a wide array of photographic mediums, I have an intense appreciation and respect for process.  To me, every aspect of a production is vital and deserves significant attention and communication between visual artist and director.  Through my efforts as a freelance visual creative I have become an impeccable interpersonal communicator, allowing original concepts to become reality through unhindered cooperation and innovative experimentation.

   After graduating from the University of Massachusetts in 2014 with a self-designed major focusing on the visual arts and entrepreneurship, I jumped ship to sunny and opportunistic Los Angeles, California.  I currently reside in East Hollywood as a freelance photographer and cinematographer.



 Caleb des Cognets


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